Lightbox with controller and storage

One of the problems in photography is exposure. For a good photography a controlled environment is required, both at the light and at the environment level.
To solve the location problem I have acquired a lightbox, which allows you to define several uniform backgrounds to create contrast. But it was still necessary to solve the question of luminosity. For this I built my own lighting system, used Ikea frames, led strips and some components.

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S-Video – RF Conversion

Today I came across a relevant situation. I was necessary to show a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation an a TV. But the TV and the laptor were 50 meters away, the laptop could not be places near the TV and the only cable that was installed between the two was a coaxial RF cable. The only laptop output that could be used was an S-Video.

How to convert S-Video to RF only with the existing equipment?

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