Quadcopter using a Multiwii – QBrain

In the third part of this tutorial we are starting the configuration process.

If you want to check part 2, where we started the assembly, you can do it on here.

The QBrain have multiple configuration parameters but, in this case, we only will see two: teach the QBrain the throttle minimum and maximum values and what type of battery is used.

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Quadcopter using a Multiwii – Assembly

In the second part of this tutorial will proceed to the assembly of the Quadcopter . If you want to see part 1, which are the various components shown , you can do it here. Before beginning assembly it’s necessary to do the welding operations. If you have no experience in this area, ask for help to avoid accidents. It’s necessary to weld the bullets … Continue reading Quadcopter using a Multiwii – Assembly