Prusa i3 Enclosure

One of the problems that exist in the Prusa i3 3D printers is the open space and air circulation. This open space makes it difficult to warm the table, prevent it from reaching higher temperatures and makes it more difficult to maintain a constant temperature, which can compromise printing. If the temperature falls below a certain value, the part can be released from the table.

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How to make a Cross Cut Sled with wood leftovers

One essencial accessory for a Table Saw is a Cross Cut Sled. A Cross Cut Sled Is an accessory that allows to make straight cuts and always with the same size, as it supports the piece of wood on both sides of the blade, unlike the accessories that the table saw brings.┬áIn addition, it increases the level of safety in the use of the saw, … Continue reading How to make a Cross Cut Sled with wood leftovers

BQ Ciclop Home Made

One technology that came up with 3D printers was 3D scanning. There are several equipment that allow you to do this, some more accessible, some less. Some time ago, BQ launched a model called Ciclops. It’s a relatively affordable 3D scanner just like others on the market. However it has a unique particularity. BQ, in addition to launching the scanner for sale as a kit, … Continue reading BQ Ciclop Home Made

mUVe 3D DLP – Configuration and working

One of the places where I collaborate is at FabLab Castelo Branco. Not as an employee but helping when needed. The latest help was preparing a mUVe 3D DLP 1.1 printer. A DLP printer is a 3D printer that, instead of melting filaments and layering them, uses a proprietary resin that is cured over a given wavelength. This wavelength can be generated through several means, … Continue reading mUVe 3D DLP – Configuration and working